A little affirmation…

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not garden or have a green thumb.  I simply do not enjoy it.

But at certain points throughout the year, weeds take over my front yard and I cannot wait another day to get my hands dirty.

This was recently the scene on a 93 degree day.  I set up the slip and slide for the kids to enjoy and got to work.  About twenty minutes in, with sweat pouring down and the heat so stifling I was ready to stop, a guest asked to join me.  It was my girl.

Kelsey asked if she could assist.  She put on my gloves and was ready to go.  She was doing such a wonderful job.  As most tasks with six year olds, she tired after only a few minutes.  While I came to that point at 20, now she was watching.

She gave up on assisting physically, but she did offer much more than arm strength.  

She followed me every step of the way, encouraging me and cheering me on.

Phrases such as, “You’ve got this Mom,”  “Wow!  This is really looking great Mom,” or “You are really doing this girl” echoed from her sweet little voice.

I actually enjoyed the final minutes of the otherwise mundane and tedious task.  A little affirmation goes a long way no matter what it is you are doing.

Today, offer one to a child, a colleague, or a friend.  Pay it forward and make a tedious task a little less tedious.

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