You Got This!

First Grade terrain: kindness, courage, and curiosity.  Those three elements seem to be the keys to success.

New learning can be found at every turn and understanding is essential.

As I sat in Kelsey’s first grade chair and stared around the room at the other parents, I could not help but think – Kelsey, you got this.

For all that you have endured and all you dream to do – Kelsey, you got this.

Math facts may seem troubling and language may be puzzling, but Kelsey, you got this!

Restrictions may be come and go, but strength and hope will be there to assure that you have all you need – Kelsey, you got this.

As the other parents wondered about report cards and reading levels, I took the room in carefully – Kelsey, you got this.

It was full of energy, bright colors, and excitement if you ask me.  I smiled and I thought once more, Kelsey, you got this.

Stay strong, stay positive, and smile every day- Kelsey, you got this..

I am so proud of the curious young woman you grow into every day.  The one whose kindness, enthusiasm, and courage reminds me to strong – Kelsey, you got this.

First Grade terrain: kindness, courage, and curiosity – Kelsey, you got them.

Perhaps it extends beyond first grade classrooms.  Perhaps they are the keys to success for us all.

Today, I encourage you to be all three with respect and patience for all you encounter.

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