Just Like That

Just like that it comes back.

The fear, the worry, the why.  Of course it never actually leaves.  I’d kid myself to say so.  However, waking to see a few red patches on your daughter’s arm does not just signal an allergic reaction or a rash.  You are never sure what the marks or lesions mean but you never stop thinking about them.

When they spread over the extremities and down to the legs, the night is uneasy, the rote and emotional calls are made though you try to remain calm and steady.  Blood-work is ordered and the waiting game begins once more.

Daily injections start to be safe.  

It sure was easy to forget them and how difficult it was to start the day off with that burst of that painful necessity.

I know that if is helps, it is necessary.  I am immensely grateful for the swift response and concern of Kelsey’s doctors. They ease my mind, listen, and consider what is best for us all.

Sheryl Crow said it best, “No one said it would be easy, but no one said it’d be this hard.” 

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