And Beyond…

When you receive a phone call from the National Institute of Health stating that an astronaut who studied DNA in space for four months would like to meet your daughter, you pause.

You breathe.  You realize the gravity of the moment that has been presented to you.  You are in awe.  You make it happen.

Kelsey and her brother were able to meet Dr. Kate Rubins, the first astronaut to sequence DNA in space, and it was as amazing as it sounds.

Kelsey was given an opportunity to speak with Kate and ask her questions one-on-one.  Kelsey and her brother each read Dr. Rubins’ biography in advance and each came prepared with 6 thoughtful questions to ask her.

The questions ranged from how did Earth look from the space station, what kind of food did you eat up there, were you ever scared, and when did you decide to become an astronaut?

Dr. Rubins was poised, patient, wise, and a true role model.  I would have hand picked Dr. Rubins for my children to meet.  She, however, picked us.

During the NIH Astronaut Presentation with over 400 audience members are 2,000 live streamers, I sat in true amazement of the moment.  We were in reserved seating as we listened to a first-hand account of a four month space mission from launch to landing and saw that Dr. Rubins is making her dream come true.  

Over dinner, Kelsey announced that today was the best day EVER!    She thought it was incredible that such a confident, intelligent, and clever girl wanted to meet her.  As I listened to Kelsey recount the day and all that she learned about Dr. Rubin’s work and missions, I could not help but think that as well.

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