Warm Sentiments of the Shawl

Warmth.  When someone is so genuine and kind, sometimes it brings me to tears.  

I had that experience tonight.  A colleague that I have known for a few years, one who ALWAYS lends a kind word or a beaming smile, stopped by my office.  She asked for my permission to give me a gift for Kelsey through her church ministry.  She described the ministry, and I was touched.  The sentiment was genuine and kind.  

The next day, she delivered two prayer shawls.  I did not even have time to process the gesture when she dropped the bag off to me, nor did I look closely at the contents.  As I left for the day, I smiled as I read the tags, full of joy.     

However, when I came home and shared the shawl with Kelsey, together we put them on and both burst into tears.  We were truly overcome with a presence and a connection that words cannot explain.  The adult size is a purple hue that matches our foundation’s logo exactly.  I actually had chills when I gently removed it from the bag.  The tiny-version is a lighter shade for Kelsey.  They are simply beautiful.

Kelsey said that she had never felt so warm and just did “not know what to say over a gift like this.”  Nor do I Kelsey…

These intricate shawls feel like a blessing and a warm hug when you surround your shoulders with them.  Hopefully, Kels is watched a little more closely now with this draped in her room.  She wants to wear hers every night and pray that her needles go away.

I will do the same.  

To the ministry and the thoughtfulness of a wonderful woman, words enough do not say thank you.  However, I will say them anyway, thank you!

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