Selling Kindness and Giving Back

This evening, soon after injecting the second medication of the day, we will smile and walk around a local “market.”   This market is a school project for future business entrepreneurs to reveal a business plan and “sell” a variety of products to reflect their business model.  It is a fabulous learning experience.  However, there is much more to this market for my family.

About a month ago, one of Kelsey’s teacher reached out to me regarding this event.  She wanted to let me know that her ten-year-old son would be participating in this event and donating ALL of his proceeds to Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc.  Maybe it is not the best business model, but it certainly a child who understands compassion, charity, and community.

Touched.  Grateful.  Overwhelmed by kindness.

The tumultuous nature of the past few months has also created a natural break in fundraising.  However, my heart melts to know that a ten year old young man did not stop thinking.  This incredibly generous ten-year-old boy has never even met Kelsey.

To Kelsey’s teacher for sharing Kelsey’s illness with her family and raising a young man who would think more of someone else than of himself, thank you.  To a young entrepreneur who took it upon himself to bring a bit of sunshine into the sunshine of our lives, thank you.  If you happen to stop by the event this evening and inquire about Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc, thank you.  It is the support and the spirit-lift from those around us that keeps us strong even when we feel that we are hanging on by a thread.

The sleepless nights, the relationship stress, the avoidance of public settings and birthday parties due to the vast array of germs, and everything else good and bad that January has been comes to an end this morning as the sun rises to February.

This month looks hopeful and bright already.

Thank you, February and thank you to an amazing ten-year-old and his family for sharing the love…

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